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MBEI Member Community Forum Rules

1. The MBEI Member Community forum is a benefit of your MBEI membership. You must be a current MBEI Member to participate. Upon registration, your account will be reviewed by a moderator and full participation rights will be provided or denied within approximately 48 hours. Accounts will be reviewed for membership status at the start of each school year. If your membership is not renewed by the Fall Conference, your MBEI Member Community account will be removed.
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4. The “Position Openings” and “MBEI Website Suggestions and Feedback” forums are public (though only members can add to the discussion). All other forums are private, but do not assume messages you post are confidential. Please use discretion when posting, especially when discussing situations at school, students, and/or parents. It is best not to use names or information that might identify anyone involved. If you provide personal information to other members via the public forum or private message system, it is at your own risk.
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6. The purpose of this forum is to provide advice, support, and encouragement to our fellow business educators. It is a safe and friendly environment in which to share. The expectation is that participants in the forums will be both professional and respectful. We won’t always agree on everything, but it is expected that any disagreements stick to the issue and not attack anyone personally. Personal attacks will be removed from the forum and repeat offenders will be banned.

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